TRADITIONAL – Cheese bread


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Product Description

FARM MINAS Cheese Bread is carefully prepared with traditional white cheese, organic milk and organic eggs.

The TRADITIONAL flavor you will be relishing the original recipe of the most consumed delicacy in Brazil.

Soft and slightly crunchy, it is ideal for meetings, gatherings or breakfast. It goes very well with Coffee

Just take it out of the freezer and bake it.

How to prepare:

  • preheat the oven for 10 minutes at high temperature;
  • place the cheese bread on the tray within 2cm between them;
  • put in the oven for an average of 30 min at 190ºC/ 375F
(2 customer reviews)

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2 reviews for TRADITIONAL - Cheese bread

  1. Dawna

    This is the most delicious cheese bread I have ever tasted. Cannot put them down.

    • mylene

      Woowww, Thank you so much for buying our products. Enjoy.

  2. Sueli

    The best cheese bread in canada

    • mylene

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Sueli. It means a lot!!

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